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PDF archive of over 90,000 pages of CIA documents-UFO

4 August 2014

I’ve been working on a PDF archive of over 90,000 pages of CIA documents which is now nearly complete. I’ll upload the full set in the near future with sample pages relating to the Cash-Landrum incident, the Rendlesham Forest incident and other UFO/ET material. For now, as a test of the index for that material, I have temporarily uploaded a searchable PDF version of two files released by the CIA in relation to remote viewing (Project Stargate etc). This test just includes two of the files (Disc06 and Disc07 of 15 discs) with a hyperlinked index. If you open the index and search on anything on Disc06 or Disc07 (e.g. “Landrum”, “Higdon” or (!) “GALACTIC FEDERATION HEADQUARTERS”) then you will find some of the UFO related material from those discs and should be able to click on the file name within the index to open the relevant document. I’d be interested in hearing whether this works for those that download the current relatively small (600Mb) test archive from this link:



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