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The Carlyle Group and the UFOs affairs !

16 September 2013


Ed Komarek focused in recent weeks on the search for possible entity that directs operations outside the official U.S. government sees it as a huge international private company . It includes the Director of scenarios such as online television series Jericho , or Prison Break .
” From the time of the Nixon administration , and according to Ben Rich and Bill Uhouse , business UFO / ET were somehow privatized , and passed under the control of an international steering committee . This information led me to make some assumptions , and look what could be the ‘ Company X’. “
He wondered about his blog and in a long article published by UfoDigest : ” Who are the managers, shareholders ? How are profits distributed ? How this company can it control the military, politicians, and even nations ? What allows him to master the subject UFO / ET ? What are the means to consolidate his power? This company has to have a name and a home office. “
The editorialist exopolitical trying to point out the contours of what was known until the ‘ Military Industrial Complex ‘: ” How this company can it control other entities? By proxy? It acts as a single contractor and business delegates to its subsidiaries ? I do not think a conglomerate , which would consist of various companies , because it would be too obvious.
The crisis of confidence has knelt the world of finance , she has brought down the first domino that will cause the Company at the end of chain to collapse dramatically ? “
Ed Komarek noticed the recent proliferation of private meetings around the world , which meet military leaders and defense contractors , and wondered that hosts and finance.

Michael Salla then provided an answer : ” If I was wondering what company may have tried to intimidate some diplomats attached to the United Nations , I would be interested primarily in the Carlyle Group . Alex Collier told me in 2000/2001 he had received a phone call from Frank Carlucci , its president at the time, and former Secretary of Defense , who had ordered him to ” keep his mouth shut .”
Carlucci had been involved in the incident ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle , nicknamed the Flux Liner) on the Norton Air Force Base in 1988 , revealed by Mark McCandlish under the Disclosure Project . “

More …

Salla added : “I think they shared the duties with respect to such programs :
Lockheed Martin , retro design flying machines,
Carlyle Group ( *) , Safety and Procedures,
Paragon Group, Intelligence and Space Research
Kissinger Associates , Coordination, Conflict Resolution , etc. . “
The personal journey of Frank Carlucci , former deputy director of the CIA under President Jimmy Carter, is being widely discussed . Many French sites devoted to it. – Example .
An article from March 2008 gives the ambitions of the investment fund Carlyle, with its acquisition of Booz Allen Hamilton, founded in 1914 , which became a huge entity and a leading strategy consulting firms . Booz Allen provides among other staff training and the provision of essential systems in virtually all U.S. intelligence agencies : NSA , DIA , CIA, NRO , NGA … For example in 2005, the FBI had told him the emergency training 1000 new analysts . Another source , speaking .

This is a private company located in the heart of the entire intelligence system of the United States – to outsource most of their covert activities – which has just passed under the control of sprawling Carlyle Group .
This long article cited denounces in particular the game of revolving doors , which is for the private hire all senior executives of public service industry : “At Booz Allen , many intelligence officials had held the same position in the government . “
It can be seen in passing that one of the new slots the company is intercepting all forms of communication on the Internet.
English source

At the beginning of President George W. Bush , the Carlyle Group has attracted attention because of the number of political figures he had hired : former President Bush, former Secretary of State James Baker, George Soros, and former British Prime Minister John Major.





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