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Secret base for defense projects Area 51 – The Security !

21 August 2013

Doc. by I.L.Young, S.A.R.C. Director

Brief reminder of the area 51
At about 190 km northwest of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert, the official map suddenly becomes silent. Nothing that is not in this area are mentioned: however, there are mountains and ravines, building a good size and a huge trail of 9.5 km long flight But none of it appears on the card. In an area the size of Switzerland, it seems that human activity has been deliberately obscured. Area 51 was established in 1954 to serve as a secret base in the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, the aerospace company which then was developing spy planes for the CIA and the Pentagon. The test site was used until recently to the most advanced defense projects implemented by the United States. Stealth Stealth bomber was tested on this basis as other gear futuristic design. Given these activities, the base has always been shrouded in secrecy – the U.S. Air Force (USAF) has not acknowledged until 1994 because that is where is the spearhead of American military technology. However, according to certain elements of recent information technology website as well as its employees would not only American.
Security of the site
Access to this area is prohibited. Panels placed limits indicate that “the use of armed force is authorized against intruders.” In addition, the airspace over the place is the inviolable United States. We are in the territory of the Nellis Air Force Range and the Nevada nuclear site, commonly called Area 51 (Area 51), following the former official designation of the place. His entire cabinet is bristling with electronic sensors, crew safety by helicopter ultra-sophisticated strongly respond to any intrusion. This is the most protected area in the world, there is no law course. The question of the nature of Area 51 is raised because of the inability to enter, if you made you are liable to be shot on sight.
Enter that area earned some people find themselves in handcuffs and being searched very thoroughly. The penalties can range up to $ 6,000 in fines and one year in prison. Witnesses claim to have received death threats. For years, this fascinating area and thousands of people who each year become more interested, point to approach to the authorized limits and take photographs and videos. (However, videos are often reported to ufologists, in which we see quite clearly bizarre objects with all the visual characteristics of UFOs. Intense lights, resembling ionization, ultra rapid movement from one point to other instantaneous disappearance of the object) Armed with camcorders, powerful telephoto lenses and telescopes, ufologists have even organized to monitor “Dreamland” twenty-four out of twenty four at the top of “Tikeboo peek” only place available legally or ` you can see the facilities.
Forbidden around the perimeter of Area 51 is 40 km. Difficult to go in this forbidden territory, as you would immediately arrested or stopped by monitoring teams present 24h/24h with jeeps, helicopters and even fighter jets F-16. Under such conditions, it is difficult to capture images and learn more about this top-secret military base. Rumors are present on-site state of the enlargement of the area of operation A-51. Since a year now, and this small, still, quiet village entity what Rachel is constantly disturbed by continuous truck traffic engineering. They come and go back to all the military zone. Rubble, construction equipment … suggest that new developments closest civilian limits this time are underway.
A small incursion on a dusty road and you come face to face with the Cammos Dudes. Air activity is almost constant. Warning roar of rapid transition, the head is raised, and 9 times out of 10, we see the famous F-15 spin spin and perform missions, according to the authorities in the area, are tactical missions. Cammos The Dudes (1), which are not only Cherokee Jeeps, but also more and more Ford F-150. Regarding the Black Helicopters, you can not really miss them. In fact, when you walk two or three kilometers of the point of the Black Mail Box, you are “supported” not only by Cammos Dudes, but you go ahead and approaching the famous “Use of Deadly Force Authorized” signs, there, the helicopters arise from nowhere, they are very quiet. One, then two, rarely three stationary position themselves at a safe distance flight, and I think this is deterrent enough to turn around. But what is striking is how the guards (Cammos) refuse any contact. They are, at most, 20 meters away from you, and if you want to approach mine, they were down a few meters. These guys do not talk, that does not mean that is funny are the contrary, Don Emery (2) was aware of numerous cases of beatings and knows at least two people, after crossing the physical boundaries area, have “disappeared” for a good week. On their return, as one than the other, no longer had the slightest desire to simply open a magazine where we talked about the A51.
Notes. (1) vehicles Cammos. (2) Don Emery is responsible for the Area 51 Research Center.
The Cammos
The Cammos are members of a private security services (EG & G Technical Services, Inc.), which are responsible for keeping the outer perimeter of the area. Most of them are in camouflage (hence the name), they patrol the perimeter in white or champagne Cherokee Jeeps Ford F-150s. They can usually be seen resting on a hill near “Groom Lake Road” monitor traffic on the road through high-powered binoculars. In the evening they can often be seen patrolling on Highway 375 between “Groom Lake Road” and Rachel several times and at all hours of the night. They go in and out of the base of the road “Groom Lake Road”, “Mailbox Road” or “North Gate” (Rachel Back Gate). Sometimes they turn off their lights and use their equipment night vision when driving on dirt roads.
The Cammos have no legal authority outside the restricted area, they made orders to avoid contact with civilians. However, if you cross the perimeter for any reason, they will intercept and immediately call the “Lincoln County Sheriff” to put you under arrest with a mandatory fine of $ 1,000 which will be the beginning of your problems. Legally, they have the right to open fire on the intruders, but it was never implemented. The Cammos are quite paranoid and afraid of being recognized in the region (They can be your neighbor), and do all kinds of things to keep you from seeing their face, they fall by the sun of their Jeep, cover part of their faces with their hands. The rumor says that if a picture is taken or the face of a Cammo is recognized, and if it is published, he will lose his job.
Despite their severe appearances, cammos are only present for external security and around the main area. Their authority is limited even within the restricted area. Homeland Security is reserved for “the Air Force Military Police” Recently two new types of vehicles Cammos were introduced: Ford F-150 pickup and Golden champagne Chevy 2500 4×4 truck.
The Guard Shack on Groom Lake Road
The limit of the restricted passage to the Groom Lake Road area is marked only by signs on both sides of the road, and by orange poles. There is no fence or gate guard, so we enter with relative ease by the long straight. The gate guards is hidden in a bend, approximately 0.85 miles down the road and out of sight at the edge of the previous mark. There are two buildings. The first is a pretty big story building approximately 30 to 40 feet, it is complemented by a black and white barrier blocking the road. This barrier is illuminated by red lights at night.
The Security Cameras
The road to Groom Lake and most other roads are under surveillance cameras, they are usually placed on the height of a hill, with extensive on the road and the surrounding terrain view. On the road to Groom Lake, there are two cameras on the hill that are placed on the left side of the road. There is also a great camera for remote monitoring on the top of mountain “Bald Mountain” that can cover most of the valley “Tikaboo”
The cameras appear to be stationary, mounted on a tripod. A solar panel on a tripod leg supplies an electronic module which is in a gray box, and there are two antennas. The UHF antenna is often directed on point within the restricted area that is close, while the platform (such as round antenna) usually points to the radar installation of “Bald Mountain”
The “Bald Mountain” post that is in alignment with the Valley “Tikaboo” seems to operate as a relay station for the signal from the video cameras and cameras. The UHF antenna could be used to receive remote signals as a backup channel in case of failure of the post at the top of “Tikeboo peek”
We recently noticed that the solar panel can be seen leads us to believe that these devices are no longer in use, and they were replaced by another different system and probably much more effective. All these devices, such as sensors on were left in place in order to divert attention. The two monitoring devices are located on a hill inside the zone boundary. The second is a portable version of the camera, the tripod seems to have a head for manual fine positioning suggesting a high magnification. The three passive infrared sensors against the intrusion on the right part of the MIDS systems by the company Qual-Tron, Inc. New Probes Route 51 around the area are also part of this system BTW, the base n ‘not use shrinkheads.
The Position of radar “Bald Mountain”
With 9380 feet, “bald mountain” is the highest peak of the “Mountain range” which is the mountain range north of Area 51, south of Rachel. From its summit you to view most of the “Tikaboo Valley” and “Sand Spring Valley” It was on public land until 1984, when the security zone has been extended to include part of Northern “Groom Lake” and almost all of “Groom Range” In October of 1995, same for “when White Sides” and “Freedom Ridge Were taken” taken in the area, a radar station ” bald Mountain “has been completed. The white radar domes can be seen easily from most locations in the two valleys. In October 2000 a new radar installation with a smaller dome was made a half miles north-east of the original site, just below the summit. Approximately at the same time, another lower structure, a possible platform for the helicopter, was built between the two peaks, and red lights, easily visible to the naked eye at night, were mounted on two main radar domes.
The position seems to be uninhabited and is completely remote control, sometimes a Sikorsky MH-60G Black Hawk can be seen flying very low, a crew may be of service there. There are also a large number of monitoring devices (cameras) for a remote control mounted on the tower. They are pointed in different directions, and may cover the entire valley. They are a larger type (most powerful optical) than those found in the valley of the control points. The fact that the third dome to be built away from the other two indicate that operation could interfere with other radars, or vice versa.
There are rumors also on the ability of the radar system that would include high-tech equipment such as laser microphones that are capable of listening to conversations in vehicles on the road Hwy 375. The technology exists, but use of the site is not proven. The GPS coordinates of the large radar dome are: N 37 ° 26.967 ‘and W 115 ° 44.023’.
Probes and Sensors intrusion road
In 2003, there is a new type of sensor, similar to the old sensors on principle, but more compact. They are currently in operation, the transmitter and sensor are buried in the sand near the road, only the antenna above the surface. They are part of the system MIDS company Qual-Tron, Inc. EVERY probes is powered by a 9V battery There are also against the new passive infrared intrusion probes. Another type of sensor used in the area a few years ago, was used for the detection of vehicles. The probes are hidden in the bushes near the dirt roads leading into the restricted area. However they were in the public domain and uses the safety of “Groom Lace” became illegal. They had also become vulnerable to site visitors who amused themselves degraded or changing codes frequencies, creating confusion would permit the cammos.
Most probes were removed, and certainly replaced by more efficient and less vulnerable. There are still old probes on the public domain, but they seem inactive. A probe was found along a dirt road on the north slope of “Groom Range” less than ten miles from Rachel. The small black and white roller is the actual sensor which detects the approach of the vehicle by the magnetic field. At the top of the probe is the transmitter with its short antenna at the foot of it you can see the 12V/28Ah rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 months.
The probe is connected to a connector which apparently was designed for operation with three probes, the third input of the connector is not used. The frequency used is 496.25 MHz or 497.75 MHz. The two frequencies can be adjusted independently. The address is set in BCD code, and the address range is 0 to 1999. In other words, a total of 2000 transmitters can be used in frequency. This unit is the 1078 address. The sticker says that the transmitter has been tested on 19 June 1986, at the time or the probes were put into service. Since it is no longer maintained, this probe seems doomed to disappear.
Other Devices Monitoring and Markers
There are several other types of monitoring devices, such as sensors for detecting movement. There are also rumors of “Fragrant” probes able to distinguish between human and animal. Unlike other rumors, the silver spheres set on poles orange, not detection devices. After review, the spheres are hollow, they are probably used to calibrate the radar. Some are used as a “marker” to better defined the restricted area. There must be other ways of monitoring and detection most advanced on the inside of the restricted area than those found in the device close to the public. There are also many large white barrels that are near roads and intersections. They are used as markers for the locals to know and identify what sector they are.
The Black Hawk Helicopter
A fleet of three helicopters stationed at the base, provide aviation safety around the site area. These are Sikorsky MH-60G Black Hawk, a new version of “Black Hawk.” The first UH-60A U.S. Army flew in 1974, the MH- 60G flew in 1982. It was modified for the U.S. Air Force with extra fuel tanks and refueling boom retractable flight increases its range of 600 to 900 km. Several times daily and the Black Hawk helicopter can be seen doing the overflown at low altitude and turned round off the base through the Valley “Tikeboo peek.” A few years ago, it was frequently used to scare away visitors to the area, while they were on public land. Today of course the procedure is illegal and has been limited to extreme cases.
Checkpoint north. (The Guard Shack)
In October 2000, the Checkpoint North also known as the “Rachel Back Gate” has been improved in terms of security and the former position seems abandonné.Un new fence has been installed, the fence has been improved, and another was added. They are now in black and white with a bright red label for the night. Cameras and projectors are mounted on pylons, an ALS-1000 lightning, a TSS-440 (monitoring system) The three main buildings are numbered in black number: 997, 998 and 989. You can see the portable toilets, indicating that the position is not equipped health. Other buildings in the neighborhood, like the one near the radar is numbered 980.
The Locations approach “North Gate” radars
There are several mobile radar acquisition in place and several other buildings in the northwest of the guard of “North Gate”, approximately 1-2 miles inside the perimeter.
It seems they have settled there permanently, almost in line with the flight of “Groom runways” more northerly track. The majority of the cameras are of Russian origin, and it is very likely to test operation stealth ability of air devices. Sometimes at night you can see the red and blue flashing lights on its radar sites, they are visible “Vicinity of Cedar Gate” in the north and its environs. This usually indicates that they are active, and a trial will start or is in progress. They are usually about an hour or two before the actual event, they operate in the “E- Band” (2.7-2.9 GHz). Radar, similar to the “” Vicinity of Cedar Gate “was designed for use with the S-200 SA-5 GAMMON is Russian missile system ground to air at high altitude.
It is also used with the SAM SA-2/3. It has a range of 28 km to a maximum altitude of 32 km. There is also a Russian radar acquisition “PRV-11 SIDE NET” that operates in the 150 MHz VHF band with a range of 275 km, an altitude of 32 Kms. Another Soviet radar system “THIN SKIN” a long haul acquisition radar with a range of over 300 km, altitude up to 30 km. It operates in the “E-Band” (2.7-2.9 GHz)
The position of Guard “North Gate.”
Located approximately 1.5 miles southeast of Rachel Ranch, access is via a dirt road that intersects Highway approximately west. It is known as the “Rachel Back Gate”, here is a true guard with a barrier, marking and mesh perimeter unlike the guardhouse “Groom Lake” When you approach this position, the goalkeeper abandon hamburgers on the grill next to the building and disappears into his office, where he usually stays until you leave (even if its burgers burn coal solid wood). We are on a legal ground, and you will not find cammos doing the lookout with binoculars at the top of hills. However, there is a tall mast with projectors and multiple antennas just behind the guard and the roof of the building is equipped with several cameras. Front of the station is a satellite antenna ½ miles in perimeter, There are many mobile radars in place and several other buildings (storage, shelter generators) northwest of the port of entry.
Signs and signs prohibiting
Have found all around the perimeter of the restricted area, along dirt roads and highways. They are also present in large numbers in various guard posts. Their lyrics are very explicit, usually written in white and red. The escalation of its panels in some areas is impressive … The ban franchire the perimeter and take pictures is naturally indicated on the signs. Some phrases written on the panels: NO VIOLATION BEYOND THIS POINT (NO TRESPASSING BEYOND THIS POINT) RESTRICTED AREA (RESTRICTED AREA) PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED (PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED) THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE IS AUTHORIZED (USE OF DEADLY FORCE IS AUTHORIZED). As an indication of penalties, fines, jail, etc. …
Having said this area has always been work and facilities for a long time and until recently …

Ives L. Young, director S.A.R.C.©2013




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