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Paragon group command

13 August 2013


The PARAGON Group Command was established by special recommendation by US Intelligence Community on January 2003. The PARAGON Group it the intelligence and space research and international private security respond group. 

The devise of the PARAGON: * Protect and Preserve the Secret *

The recovery for scientific study of all materials and devices of a foreign or extraterrestrial manufacture that may become available. Such material and devices will be recovered by any and all means deemed necessary by the group. The recovery for scientific study of all entities and remains of entities not of terrestrial origin which may become available through independent action by those entities or by misfortune or military action. The establishment and administration of special teams to accomplish the above operations. The establishment and administration of special secure facilities located at R4808E facility locations for the receiving, processing, analysis, and scientific study of any and all material and entities classified as being of extraterrestrial origin by the group of the special teams. Establishment and administration of covert operations to be carried out in concert with intelligence group to affect the recovery for the U.S. of extraterrestrial technology and entities.
This may come down national territory of fall into the possession of foreign powers. It is considered as for as the current situation is concerned, that there are few indications that these objects and their builders pose a direct threat to the national security, despite the ultimate motives in coming here. Certainly the technology possessed by these beings far their presence here seems to be benign, and for the present. The greatest threat at this time arises from the acquisition and study of such advanced technology by foreign powers. It is for this reason that the recovery and study of this t such a high priority.

This document establishes the Paragon program for investigating and analyzing UFOs over the United States or any other country or places around the world. The investigations and analyses prescribed are related directly to the Paragon responsibility (PARAGON Group – Intelligence Operations Section). The UFO Program requires prompt reporting and rapid evaluation of data for successful identification. Strict compliance with this regulation is mandatory… see the official doc. No: 0000126-234-006-001- EBE`S AND TECHNOLOGY PROTOCOL…

From: Office of public affairs, Paragon Group Command Adm. Tuesday, January-24-12







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